Mt. Mauyog Balamban Cebu

Mt. Mauyog

Mt. Mauyog Balamban Cebu, it’s a one of a kind mountain that you must visit, and include it to your bucket list, its becoming a popular hiking destination for Cebuano’s and other climber from other side of the world.

Mt. Mauyog is 885 meters above sea level.

You guys wondering why it is called Mt. Mauyog?

There is a certain part of the mountain where it consistently “shaking ” and thus called it by the old local people Mt. Mauyog.

How to get there?

Option 1:

Vhire- Ayala to Cantipla -fare is around 120 per person going to Cantipla.

then, motorcycle from Cantipla to Awayan aroud 5 kilometers is 50 pesos per person.

Option 2:

Motor from Jy square to Awayan is 200 pesos.


*Awayan is where the house of our local guide/forest guide Robinson, is located.

You can contact him through this  Smart Number -09079283940

Guide fee:

500 pesos for a group of 1-5 more than 5 persons is 150 per head.

Forest guide is 300 pesos fixed rate.


Side trips:

Mt. Manunggal 1 and 1/2 hour hike from Mt. Mauyog

West 35,adventure cafe ,and JVR all are 10 to 15 mins via motorcycle from Awayan.

Adventure Cafe
Adventure Cafe




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