Mt. Kapayas at Catmon Cebu ( Nothern Part of Cebu)

I can no longer see how high off the ground.

Mt. KAPAYAS  is located at Sitio Kampanya, Barangay Cambangkaya Catmon Northern part of Cebu, An amazing mountain,untouched mountain, and the only mountain in Cebu that climber trekking under the trees the whole time from camp sight . It will surprise you how amazing and wonderful the scenery at the peak. you should include this in your bucket list. If you are a nature lover this is perfect for you.

Mt. kapayas is 758 meters above sea level.

How to get there?(Agsuwao Trail)

From Cebu City, you will ride a bus from north bus going Catmon it’s a 1 hr and 30mins travel, bus fare is  78 pesos. And from  Catmon  there’s a multicab there for rent at 3500 back and forth  going to jump off at  sitio Agsuwao, from Agsuwao  its a 2-3 hrs trekking going to camp sight. And from camp sight to peak its a 3hrs trekking.


Guide fee:

2500 for 10 persons.

You can contact Kyno Lim Dumlao  through this number 09993259621  or message him through his facebook account.


I would suggest that you have to contact the guide earlier for the schedule.


Side Trip:

Tinubdan falls at Barangay Tabili Catmon.

Tinudban Falls

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