Maia’s Beach Resort Bantayan Island, Cebu


Maia’s Beach Resort is located at south coast part of Bantayan Island, Basawon Sulangan  Bantayan Island to be exact. The resort is really good for someone who wants exclusivity and relaxation, Because the place is really pleasant and there rooms is up to  8 rooms so it’s not really that crowded.  The Maia’s beach resort has its own shuttle van to pick up all there clients from santa fe port .However its quite far like around 30mins travel from Santa fe port, but mind you, the place is really worth it.

Morning Photo walked in the beach.

There Club house

At there swimming pool


At there Beach Front.

How to get there?

from cebu you will ride a ceres bus from north bus terminal to Hagnaya port Fare  rate is – 140 pesos for non aircon bus

From Hagnaya port you will ride a ferry boat going to Santa Fe fare rate is -170 pesos

Then from Santa fe port Maia’s shuttle van will bring you to there place, just make sure to coordinate with the team for your schedule of arrival.


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