Osmeña Peak is considered the highest peak in Cebu it’s 1,013 meters above sea level. It is located at Dalaguete southern part of Cebu,  if your really into nature this is really perfect for you. since it is now the most famous destination for travelers here in Cebu.

Osmeña Peak was named in honor of  the most popular political clan in Cebu.

How to get there?

From Cebu City you can ride a ceres bus going to Mantalongon Market. from there climbers has an option to start trekking there or ride a habal habal (motorcycle) going to the jump off .It is a 30mins climb from the jump off that’s why  some of the climber would like(prefer) to go for a traverse from osmena peak to kawasan for adventure.A 7hrs trek from osmena peak to kawasan (Summit to falls Adventure). There you can tell yourself how tough you are because it is really a difficult trail going to Badian.( on the other hand you can also start the trail from Mantalongon Market, its a 1 to 2 hours hike going to the foot of osmeña peak).


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